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Arturo M Merelo

Ciudad de Mexico
Born in Spain in 1982 and a relentless traveler since his parents started to show him that the world was out there when he was around 7. He lived for short periods of time in different countries, Ireland when he was 9, Canada at 13, New Zealand at 15, Rome at 18m Netherlands, Mexico USA, Guatemala... so he learned languages and different cultures. He studied Communication (cinema branch) and from there he focused in expressing himself through frames, without quitting poetry, storytelling, juggling and magic.
Magic because he has worked as a magician in the streets and bars of a variety of countries, he also worked in several other different things (waiter, cook, video game tester, translator, factory worker, announcer, writer, farmer, cherry picker...) all to live different points of view in different environments and to finance his own projects in the end.
This moving life makes sense of the fact that his three main short-films have been made in different countries and languages:
“The Idiot” - Shot in England in 2010 and awarded with several international prizes https://vimeo.com/37446729
“En la Frontera” - Shot in Chiapas, México. 2018
“Quarume” - Shot in Sicily, Italia. 2018
He has worked in commercial production companies in México and as professor of cinema history.
He has shot three short-films and some other "small pieces" as the beginning of the online series "Los hombres ultraparanoides" and other experimental short-films.
You can check some of this in his web: http://cocinacinematica.weebly.com